From Quebec to Kalamazoo

New U.S. & Canada EV corridor

Just yesterday, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, stood side-by-side with Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Witmer and representatives from Canada to announce “The first-ever U.S. & Canada EV corridor will enable drivers to charge their vehicles all the way from Kalamazoo [Michigan] to Quebec City [in the Canadian Provence of Quebec]. Making, installing, and maintaining those chargers and vehicles will create a lot of good, union jobs. President Biden promised this and now we’re delivering.”

Green Interstate has long advocated for a Level 2 charging system along an additional green interstate through Michigan route South of the Detroit to Kalamazoo Level 3 DC fast charging route announced by the Secretary on I-94. Don’t get us wrong, we love the new Level 3 route. But we’re advocates so we say yes, and… You will find our videos exploring the U.S. 12 route, a Michigan state historical route in the Green Interstate Explores section of this site.

Have a look at the source of the information that was used to create the map above, by typing the web address seen in the image below into your browser address field.

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