Infrastructure Funds for Rural EV Charging

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By Dean Adams Curtis

The debate over infrastructure legislation in Congress includes discussion of funding of electric vehicle charging in rural and low income communities. A report this week noted that Arizona’s Democratic Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, in quest of a lower price tag for the legislation, is aiming to have that funding removed. Wait, what? No! And, in fact, Sinema’s office has denied that the senator, a former Green Party member, is pushing such funding aside.

We optimistically take the senator’s statement (in the same report cited here) through her spokesperson, John LaBombard, as the truth, that, “Neither Senator Sinema nor our office have requested or demanded such cuts, nor have we even heard of any such demands.”

We eagerly await the big reveal of how much funding of electric vehicle charging in rural and low income communities has been made available by Congress for those who travel, for example, along Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia’s first potential green interstate, U.S. Route 50, or on Senator Krysten Sinema of Arizona’s potential green interstates, U.S. Route 66, and a combo of U.S. Route 60, 89, and 89a connecting gorgeous AZ vistas and towns like Prescott, Jerome, Sedona, and Flagstaff, via green highways between Interstate 10 in the south and Interstate 40, at the north end.

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