Let EV Drivers Linger: Offer Level 2 EV Charging Lots

By Dean Adams Curtis

Why not let folks linger for awhile when they pull into your town in electric vehicles needing to recharge their batteries?

If you install some Level 2 chargers, the kind that take two to four hours to fill an electric vehicle’s batteries, the EV drivers will come, and they will tend to spend more time enjoying a stroll through town, perhaps taking a walk from one end of town to the other, then back, experiencing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or sundae, and some shopping in the local stores.

Why in the world would you want to spend more on the costlier to buy, install, and operate Level 3 chargers that can fully recharge an EV in around 30 minutes? Well, you know, there will always be some who want to eat and run. You have a choice to make. Does your community want to accommodate this “fast charging” for travelers, as well as for those among you, or does it most suit you best to offer Level 2 charging that tops-off EV driver’s batteries in a couple hours?

We urge you to give careful consideration to your decision about the local level(s) of EV charging your community offers to yourselves and to travelers. It is critical that you make the initial judgement about this matter and also about where to place your EV parking infrastructure, as soon as possible, then set out to seek funding for it, mindful that data from an EV charging infrastructure software can inform your community about the cost/benefit of future expansion.

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