EVs Ready For Open Roads: Are Our Roads Ready?

By Dean Adams Curtis

Thanks, in part, to VW cheating on their diesel tests, getting caught, and paying up for their error bigtime, our nation’s interstate system is getting hundreds of fast EV chargers installed at varied stopping islands. These Level 3 DC fast chargers can get EV drivers back on the road after buying a quick snack or meal at the island’s chain convenience store.

But what of our byways?

They, which have been the concern of greeninterstate.com for a dozen years, can now easily become green highways, linking up to become a new green interstate system created from the bottom up, by small town civic organizations installing EV charging lots in their downtowns, in parking lots adjacent to Main Streets.

The chargers towns along historic roadways install do not need to be the most costly fast chargers that can get an EV topped off in under half an hour. In fact, that would be counter to your town’s best interests. A step down from fast charging, Level 2 chargers are abundant, and thus less expensive to buy. They are more readily installed. And software is available to operate charging EV charging sites most efficiently and cost-effectively.

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